The Spider Tail Sling Attachment wraps securely around your existing sling and velcros into place. The attachment works great with all of our Recoil Rifle Slings but will also work with most other brands of rifle slings as well. It was designed for added concealment and works great when paired with your ghillie suit.

The birth of the idea for the Spider Tailed Viper Edition came from the cover of Recoil’s 2016 Catalog.  Dennis Parr, retired vet, and local hunting guide, appeared on the cover in his Ghillie Suit with his Viper 2-2-1 and AR-15.  It is a truly beautiful shot that really captured the spirit of many who use our slings, serious hunters.  As many of our customers admired the photo, as well as ourselves, something began to bother the Founder of Recoil.

“The sling stands out great on the cover, and that’s what we wanted… but, with a Ghillie Suit, that’s not what you want to happen.  The sling should blend in with the suit, just like it does with the surroundings…”   -Will Hawkins

He immediately went to work trying to figure out how to solve the problem.  Remembering an extremely rare, and crafty, snake his buddies that have returned from service in the middle east had mentioned and footage that he’d seen, Will found his inspiration.  The Spider Tailed Viper is one of the most deadly and hard to spot snakes in the middle east.  When mated with it’s wicked tail that mimics a spider in appearance and motion, its meals come to it by striking at the tail which is always perched directly in front of its fangs.


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