Our newest partnership brings us together with Recoil Rifle Slings™. Their slings are all hand braided in the US and one sling can take up to 16 hours to make for your custom AR rifle. Recoil's slings incorporate the best possible attachments from Magpul, Barrett, and Remington with their unique braid system to produce the strongest, most comfortable sling ever made. And the way they look leaves nothing to be desired. Recoil Slings are multipoint and can be run as single- or two-point.

Our Recoil slings are 42" standard adjustable size. Meaning it is adjustable between 40" to 44". That covers a very large spectrum and will fit 95% of people out there. If you are one of the few who would like a larger or smaller one we can order it for you. We will always be able to return a sling for you if it does not fit and get you one that does. Recoil slings come with two rifle attachment options (QD Swivel, and Paraclip). Just select the appropriate AR rifle attachment when selecting your product.

Recoil Rifle Slings are made by US Military Veterans and all carry a LIFETIME GUARANTEE. Each sling comes with a Recoil certificate of authenticity and information about the brand, and the US Military Veteran who made your sling. If you're not happy with it or something’s not perfect let us know and we'll make it right. Feel confident when purchasing your Recoil sling you are getting a sling you can pass down for generations.

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