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Unique Rifles and Long Guns

Install our custom AR dust covers, AR rail system covers, handguard accessories, and magazine wraps to grab attention and help make that sale! Just like homes, cars, and everything else people care about, accessories and add-ons make a HUGE difference. Check us out and see an immediate difference in how fast those rifles move off the shelf!

Marketing Made Easy

Our products can be ordered and made with your logos and artwork. Everything we make is easily installed and removable so that you can market your rifles and store brand quickly and inexpensively. Our products for dealers and bulk purchase are very affordable and help promote your store or brand like nothing else currently available!

Contact Us  

If you have a storefront, online store, or if you are a manufacturer and would like to place a custom order please submit the form below so we can get you set up for an account and special pricing. Our dealers have a very unique and special ability. As an AR Customs dealer, you can create your very own, custom designed AR parts and products to sell. Please contact us to find out more.