Custom Products




Our products provide an inexpensive and effective way to market and customize your brand. With your logos and exclusive artwork, your store will stand out on our easily installed and removable products like nothing else available!  



We are here just for custom gear. If you need custom rifle gear and products for your store or business shoot us an email. For custom MagSocs, the results are best if you send us a 4" X 6" image in the upright (portrait) position. We have great pricing for our dealers and bulk purchases. Leave us your info and we'll get ahold of you promptly.

We can also make custom rail covers, AR15/ AR10 laser engraved/ cerakoted dust covers, and custom slings from FoxDen Tactical and Recoil Rifle Slings. Please submit the form below for a quote and information on ordering .

Whether youre a potential dealer or just need a single item made we want your business! We pride ourselves on making our customers happy and delivering high quality finished products that will keep you coming back. 


Here is the link for retail custom Soc orders. 



Here is the link for retail AR15 custom dust cover orders 

Custom Laser Engraved Dust Cover


Here is the link for custom FoxDen Tactical paracord slings 

Custom Foxden Paracord Rifle Sling ( Build Your Own)


Contact us for retail custom rail covers and Recoil Rifle Slings


*Disclaimer: AR Customs, Inc. is not selling any trademarked or copyrighted imagery. We are selling the service to place these images onto our products. It is the responsibility of the customer submitting the imagery to obtain any licensing or permission from the trademark or copyright holder.