Color PVC Grip

Rail Covers - Grips – Designs and Colors

• Custom Gun Rail's PVC Grip Inlaid Rail Covers make your weapon customized to insulate from heat, protect against abrasion and give you a great grip… AND show some bad-ass messages.
• Great durability and great looks to set your weapon apart.
• We have many colors and designs available, and can customize them to show your message or logo. Just drop us a line.
• All CGR products have been designed for placement flexibility, minimum obstruction and unparalleled durability.

Quality Commitment and Proudly Made in the USA:
CGR’s relentless passion for perfection ensures that all of our products meet the absolute highest of standards. Practically, tactically and aesthetically there is simply no comparison. Not only are CGR products the perfect way to identify your gun from others, it is also a fun way to express yourself without permanently altering your weapon.

   Fit and Measures:

They fit on any mil-spec 1913 rails including paintball and airsoft guns.  They measure 1 3/8" x 2 3/4" (35mm x 70mm) and weigh about 20 grams (that’s about as much as four nickels).


Installation and Removal:
They are secured on your rail using two side tension screws that apply pressure to two locking tabs - we throw in an Allen wrench with every order. There is absolutely no metal to metal contact, this prevents heat transference and damage to the rail.