Soc Installation

         **To achieve the best look: Socs should be installed with the sewn seam along the inside (front) of the magazine. Images are placed according to that fitment. 

         Mag Socs fit very tightly onto the bottom half of your magazines. Many household items can be used to assist sliding Socs onto your magazines. Water and aloe gel to name a couple. Begin the install with no water or aloe gel. Once the Soc is a quarter to halfway, use your finger to apply water or aloe gel to the inside of the Soc hanging off of the bottom of the mag. Slide Soc up on the magazine slowly and carefully to achieve desired fit and look. Use a lint free towel or cloth to wipe away any excess water or gel from the bottom of the magazine and you're good to go.

               There are many magazine manufacturers and our Socs fit onto pretty much all of them. Some polymer magazines are easier than others to install Socs onto. For instance: PMAGS™ are larger than HexMags™ and may take a little longer on install. We do not recommend using aloe gel to install Socs onto HexMag™. They are thinner and fairly easy to install Polymer Socs onto with nothing at all. Also HexMags have larger crevices that the aloe gel gets trapped in and cause buildup underneath the Soc. It wont hurt anything but will take longer to evaporate and set.


*Note: Do not allow contact of Socs with hot rifle barrels or uppers. Also avoid contact with gun cleaning solvents as best as possible. If necessary, clean using a moist (water) lint free cloth on the rubber image areas.