Soc Installation

         **To achieve the best look: Socs should be installed with the sewn seam along the inside (front) of the magazine. Images are placed by us to that fitment. If you'd like them made with the sewn seam facing the backside of the mag please contact us or leave notes in your order at checkout. If you choose to use aloe gel to help with installation you may need to readjust your Soc on your magazine once the gel has evaporated. The gel is slippery and prevents the Soc from gripping the magazine as it normally would. Gel may cause the Soc to bunch in the area where the magazine curves. Aloe gel can also be used on the front of the Socs to condition and renew the rubber imagery areas.

         Mag Socs fit very tightly onto the bottom half of your magazines. They can be installed without anything at all but will slide on easier with some assistance. The best household products we've found that will leave no residue once they evaporate are Aloe Vera Gel and Sprayway Ammonia Free Foaming Glass Cleaner. The best look is produced by installing them with the sewn seam along the inside (front) of the mag. The images are placed according to that fitment.

          The Aloe works better of the two we've found and greatly assists the Soc installation. It helps avoid overstretching the imagery and will cut your install time in half if not more. You apply the gel or spray all around the inside of the Soc and slide them on slowly. You want to grab onto the imagery and pull up from the bottom of the magazine. The aloe will make the rubber slippery so, if you can, leave a small area at the top of the inside of the Soc dry so you can grab it securely. Once you have the Soc in place like you want it wipe off any remaining Aloe Gel and you're all set. It will dry in a few hours and stay in place securely.

          There are many magazine manufacturers and our products fit onto pretty much all of them. Some polymer magazines are easier than others to install Socs onto. For instance: PMAGS™ are larger than HexMags™ and may take a little longer on install. We do not recommend using aloe gel to install Socs onto HexMag™. They are thinner and fairly easy to install Polymer Socs onto with nothing at all. Also HexMags have larger crevaces that the aloe gel gets trapped in and cause bulidup underneath the Soc. It wont hurt anything but will take longer to evaporate and set.

         Thanks for purchasing from us and post up those pics. We love to see all the custom creations from our customers!

*Note: Do not allow contact of Socs with hot rifle barrels or uppers. Socs - hot barrel contact = burned rubber. Also avoid contact with gun cleaning solvents as best as possible. To clean use a mostly water/ soap solution, if necessary, and lint free cloth. Afterwards aloe vera gel can be used to condition image area of Soc.