**To achieve the best look: Socs should be installed with the sewn seam along the inside (front) of the magazine. Images are placed by us to that fitment. If you'd like them made with the sewn seam facing the backside of the mag please contact us or leave notes in your order at checkout. If you choose to use aloe gel to help with installation you may need to readjust your Soc on your magazine once the gel has evaporated. The gel is slippery and prevents the Soc from gripping the magazine as it normally would. Aloe gel can also be used on the front of the Socs to condition and renew the rubber imagery areas.

* Socs do not come with a magazine. Magazines must be purchased separately. We hope to offer several options very soon.

Socs fit onto virtually all 30-40 round AR15 style magazines and many airsoft/ paintball applications as well.

         Socs are heavy duty, provide extra grip for your magazines, and completely customizable. Send us your logo and we'll make your custom Socs!

If you'd like an awesome product for your storefront or business look no further. We have great deals for our wholesalers and bulk buyers. Custom logos and imagery is no problem. Your store or business logo will look awesome on your rifles! Contact us to get set up.

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SOCs – Rubberized Magazine Grips

SOCs provide a rubberized covering on your mags, aiding grip and protecting it, in addition to looking great with your image or logo.

•AR SOCs are available for 30rd AR15 style GI mags and also available for most all other Polymer 30rd mags including PMags. They are 2 different sizes.
•AK SOCs are currently made for 30rd steel AK47 style magazines only. It is very important to install them onto a smooth surface steel mag.
•Many more sizes and configurations are currently in development. When purchasing your SOC on the product page select the size of your magazine.

Quality and Guarantee – Handmade in Texas

Each SOC has a 30 day satisfaction guarantee.  All our SOCs are handmade by us in Texas. Please contact us with any warranty or product concerns. We will make sure youre a happy customer!

Contact us for custom SOCs with your logo or message!